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UHealth BeautyPlus is a beauty company based in Angeles City, Pampanga that creates and distributes high‑quality beauty supplements. Leading the company is Anne Cruz, a multi‑awarded CEO and the founder of innovative Japanese brands Pure Beauty Collagen and Luxcent.

Alongside innovating beauty solutions, UHealth BeautyPlus builds and sustains relationships with its customers. The company believes that for a business to thrive, strong customer trust must come hand in hand with quality solutions.
Our Mission
To create an indelible mark on the lives of Filipinos around the globe with our high‑quality products, and to constantly meet the desires, needs and expectations of the people who trust us, even with the rapidly changing needs of the market.

Our company strives to contribute to the welfare of the community by creating innovative beauty solutions for those who seek it and building a pleasant working environment for our business partners.
Our Vision
A company that ceaselessly innovates products formulated for anyone, in the appropriate age, to use and benefit from. A company that leads the Philippine market in the field of beauty and the first choice of end users as well as experts and professionals.
Company Values
Quality over Quantity
We believe that the number of products we produce rely on the quality of our innovations. Ensuring that our products are of the highest quality is our main priority.
Prioritize Customers
Just as we carefully formulate our supplements, we also seek to understand our market and their needs better. Changing needs is inevitable. UHealth BeautyPlus strives to be flexible in order to serve our customers.
Aspire to Inspire
UHealth BeautyPlus aspires to touch the lives of Filipinos around the globe. We honor the journeys of our clients as well as our employees and we hope to serve as a milestone in the lives of our clients, in their health and as well as their careers.
UHealth BeautyPlus works to be a leader in the beauty industry for the Philippines market. We aim to create quality and trusted solutions for our existing and future clients.
Our Products
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