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Improved My Skin

I naturally have fair skin but this product noticeably improved my skin. All my relatives and friends noticed that my skin gets whiter as days goes by. I started taking this supplement since December 2020 and no plans on changing to other brand. Plus it also treated my insomnia so I always woke up in a much better mornings.

— Joshua M.

Beauty In A Capsule!

I’ve been using Luxcent on and off for quite some time now. To be honest I already have a fair complexion to begin with but I still take Luxcent because I still want to be whiter but aside from that I also like taking it for the collagen that's in it plus it helps with my occasional pimples. It makes them heal faster or at least not make them pop out more. In addition to that when I take them I feel more blooming that even after a long day when I look at the mirror I still look fresh. I even recommended it to some people and they too see the difference. Fun fact even my dad is taking it now.

— Marika Q.

My Daily Routine

I purchased this to lighten my skin. I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks, but I haven’t really notice any lightening effect. But it does make my skin glowy and more healthy looking. I really like how this glutathione doesn’t make me break out unlike other glutathione supplements that I’ve tried before.

— Kuku N.

Love This Product!

I've tried using other glutathione supplements and the effect is very slow to show. However, when I used this product, after a week, I saw the result already. My skin glows brighter and whiter. I also love how this product helps me reduce KP on my back, arms, and legs.

— Maria Andrea Aizza J.

Bye Pimples! Hello Beautiful Skin!

Among all of the trending supplements in the past years, Luxcent is the only supplement that I always repurchase. It really helps in my stubborn acne problem plus it never fails to give me 3-4 shades lighter skin in just days. It really works! I really think this is the best gluta brand.

— Acee C.

For Years...

Mom and I only trusted this product! We’ve been using it for like 4 years now! I swear it works! Good for any ages. The energy and glow is on a different level. My mom is on her late 50’s and she doesn’t look like one. As for me it became my coffee every morning, my day is not complete without it and I swear taking it religiously you will see visible result.

— April Anne B.
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